Water Purification Plant, Muazzam Hospital #Hygenic #Savinglives #Pure

A very important and essential need of our daily life and survival is consumption of water, however having access to pure clean drinking water is only a dream for some. With contaminated water wide spread across Pakistan, it takes hundreds of lives every year and causes many life threatening diseases. Which is why we feel, it’s a must that we are able to provide purified and clean drinking water to our patients at Muazzam Ali Shaheed Hospital and anyone who is passing by or visiting the Hospital.

The family of (Bader Sayeed Malik, CEO Muazzam Trust UK) has kindly donated, in the memory of his late Father Sadiq Malik, also as a means of Sadqah-e-Jaria for his mother Mrs Ghulam Zohra Malik. In march 2016 the hospital will have its own reverse osmosis water purification plant installed, benefiting everyone at the hospital from patients, staff, visitors, locals and passer by’s.


Costing a Total of Rs.675,000/- (£4500 Est)

Muazzam Trust UK are grateful for this kind and generous donation, which has made it possible for us to provide clean drinking water, an essential necessity which here in UK can be very easily overlooked and taken for granted.

Posted by Muazzam Team on March 7, 2016


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Azeem Road, Kala Gujran, Punjab, Pakistan
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