Recent Visitors to Muazzam Ali Hospital..

Great honour to have a visit from counsler Lord Mayor of Sheffield Mr Talib Hussain and other honourable guests and delegates. Some well known personalities Mr Mohmmed Zahur (MBE), Ch Mahboob counsler of London,Ch Ghulam Nabi from Sheffield, Mr Mohmmed Rafiq from Sheffield, Mr Nisar Malik Executive Chair of Europa finance Sheffield, Mr Mirza Tamoor proprietor of Amigos restaurant, Malik Bader chairman Muazzam Ali shaheed welfare Trust UK, And Yahya Malik executive vice chair trustee USA  and Mirza Shafiqat journalist from GEO And many others from Pakistan. We are exceptionally pleased with all the feedback we have received, everyone who has visited the hospital recently issued similar remarks stating how remarkable the building is, high level of hygienically cleaniness and very well equipped with state of the art equipment and highly qualified staff to accommodate all kind of emergencies

We were honoured to have Lord Mayor of Sheffield do a grand opening of our new dialysis centre and clean water plant for the hospital and public of kala gujran Jhelum.

Posted by Muazzam Team on March 28, 2016
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