We strive
to create better lives

Since 1998, the Muazzam Ali Shaheed Welfare Trust has established itself as a recognised charity organisation in the Jhelum district of Pakistan. The founder of the trust, Dr. Yousaf Akhtar, is cherished by the social welfare community in Jhelum and Rawalpindi-Islamabad because of his social work.

The trust has created a welfare programme for the poor without any discrimination of gender, colour or religion. We strive to grow by carrying forward a greater cause; to serve the deprived and destitute people of Jhelum and adjoining areas.

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With your support…

We have now opened a free Hospital

With the increasing population in Jhelum, the demand for hospital facilities grew. Patients requiring surgery were referred to hospitals 70 to 100 miles away in Rawalpindi, Islamabad. Muazzam hospital decided to expand to meet this demand. A donation campaign was launched in 2003 to acquire land for a bigger hospital. Success came in the form of inflow of funds once again from family members and relatives in Pakistan and abroad.

This 60 bed state of the art hospital was desperately needed to save thousands of lives. Jhelum and the surrounding areas now have a hospital that has two operation theatres and a full high tech laboratory to improve any future research.

Pursuing a dream and making it a reality.. A noble mans vision in the memory of his son, Captain Muazzam Ali Shaheed & also the founder of the trust.

Dr Major Yusuf                        001

             Dr. Major Yusuf Akthar          Cpt. Muazzam Ali  (1973 – 1995)

What the hospital offers

Thank you to all the donators and volunteers, we can now help save and improve lives daily as our hospital has the following sectors and services; Gynaecology, labour and delivery, general surgery, Paediatrics and Neonatal ICU, out-patients, intensive care unit (ICU), radiology and ultrasound, pathology laboratory, pharmacy and central oxygen system. As well as patient wards and private rooms for longer stays, a staff hostel, a cafeteria and a prayer area for all religions.

The hospital payment plans

The hospital provides three different payment plans to avoid discrimination and ensure everyone is cared for and gets the medical attention required. Firstly, all medical treatments are 100% free for the people that fall into the poor and less fortunate category. To ensure this plan is not abused everyone must apply for a health card issued by the hospital, and agree to regular checks by our certified staff such as house visits.

Secondly, our middle class category, this is for people that have some source of income for their families, but would struggle to pay for medical treatment and attention. Again regular checks would be carried out and the hospital would give a discounted price for medicine and treatment dependant on the financial situation.

Finally, the people that have a good income and can support their families comfortably, all treatments and medicine is charged at 100%. This then also provides a little income for the hospital.

We help children with special needs

Al Qasim Institute is a school for children with special needs. We have a collection & drop off service for the school and all children are provided with uniforms & lunch. This service is completely free and we have around 120 students. Each student is also given speech therapy and physiotherapy as well as being taught skills such as creative art and sports. Our aim is to provide children with a brighter future.

Al Qasim is a school for special children. It was founded again by Dr major Yousaf and his cousin Sajida Begum from UK in 1987. The school is equipped with high tech equipment to help the children with different type of exercises, physiotherapy, speech therapy, sports, education, handy work, arts and lots more.

The school has 120 plus children that have a pick & drop service. The school is provided with five ambulances to pick and drop off each day. All our special children are very well loved and looked after. The school provides light snack each day for the kids and uniforms are also provided to each and every child and polite help both financially and physically is provided to all the parents of our special children for everyday essentials. Tributes to our lovely highly qualified staff, who do a wonderful job in caring, for these children more then they care for their own. With the dedication and motivation of the schools staff and these wonderful children, the school has won numerous medals in Shanghai Olympics and has found employment for our children.

The aim and purpose of this school is to help securing a brighter future for these children who have been neglected by the society due to their special needs. Again a huge thanks to all our kind donors, without your help none of this would have been possible. By you donating generously we can keep helping these wonderful children blossom & help them stand on their own feet financially and mentally.

Orphanage support

Sayyah Homes is an orphanage which was recently opened in 2014. The orphanage now cares for 25 brilliant & wonderful children, aged between 4 to 10 years old. Most of these children do not have any parents or only have one. Most of the single parents, cannot afford basic living expenses and the children are then left without a home. The hospital currently checks their health status every month and provides free clothing & medication for them.

The UK Trust has volunteered to look after these children with their everyday essentials, from health care, food, books, uniform, toys and so much more. All kids go through a vital health check every month at Muazzam Ali Shaheed Hospital, to ensure their healthy growth.

As this is a fairly new project undertaken by the UK Trust and is growing very quickly, our vision and aim is to Inshallah build hostels to provide permanent shelter for our orphans and also to replicate this model and structure for a girls orphanage.

My special tributes to Mr and Mrs Takee Shah for playing wonderful guardians for these truly wonderful kids and making these kids feel at home. They are truly playing the parental role and their love and affection for these kids is unmatchable. We plead that with your help and kind donations, we are able to fulfil our dream and vision for this project just as we have done with others.

Support for widows & young women

Al-Sadiq vocational institute helps widows and young women gain the skills they need to become self sufficient and support their families. The institute is fully equipped with sewing machines, knitting equipment and computers. Currently there are between 40 to 50 students that complete 3 to 6 courses and on completion of passing their exams receive a Diploma.

Another great project by Dr major Yousaf and his cousin Mrs Sadiq Malik from UK, this institute is mainly for women and girls who are taught I.T, ,sewing, netting and other crafts, so our women and girls can be self sufficient. They are provided with complete training & qualifications to compete in the employment market or work from home.

This institute was opened in 2006 and has helped thousands of students with both I.T, sewing and netting skills. Very special thanks to Mr Majeed Malik brother of Mrs Sadiq Malik (Founder of the Institute) and our highly qualified staff that has worked immensely with thousands of students to archive their targets. Each student is issued with certificate after the completion of the course and gifted with a sewing machine or a computer to continue to work from home and make a decent affordable living.

The UK Trust is also currently looking after lots of students and widows with financial and education aspects, the trust is helping students from class one to higher education, as high as some students doing PHD. The trust vows to help all the talented students that are looking for higher education and help the widows that have no source of income.

The trust helps families with their daily expenses and essentials i.e. we have funded girls for their wedding ceremony and household utensils. The trust has helped thousands in emergencies and natural disaster, in the raining season a lot of the houses are damaged due to the poor built quality because of their financial situation, we are always there to help rebuild their houses ensuring and providing safer accommodation and shelter to the less fortunate. Thanks to the trusties of UK and our honourable donors who have soft heartedly helped provide for the needy yet over & over again.

Food Packs

We have many other smaller projects that we also run, such as digging water wells due to urgent need of clean water and sanitation, giving out small interest free loans to businesses, supporting individuals to help them stand on their own feet, monthly stipends for widows, yearly Ramadan food packages and much more. each year we provide more then 1000 food packs this year in 2016 we need supply over 1600 food packs to our health cards.



Every year the trust distributes food packages in Ramadan and other events like Eid and Christmas. For many years now Muazzam Trust has provided food to thousands of families but that is just a drop in the ocean, as all across Pakistan severe cases of hunger and families struggling to provide even one meal a day for their family is all too normal. Just to put things in perspective, the amount we spend on food for one day here in UK, will last a family of four or five for the whole month supply of food. Everyone deserves to eat healthy and nutritious food, please we pledge that you carry on helping with your kind donations in order for us to feed more & more families every year.   

Other projects ran by the trust

The Muazzam trust UK has helped lots of people out of poverty and saved them from begging and going in to depression. The trust helps the person with interest free loan or setup small businesses as to their qualifications. These loans are from 20k to 50k rupees depending on the business.
The UK Trust helped and is still helping the rural areas of Pakistan providing clean drinking water. Here in UK having clean water is such a huge blessing t

Without you, none of this would be possible!

Everything we do to help people across the globe is all thanks to our donators, help us continue to improve lives on a daily basis.


We help by offering…

  • Precious Gift of Clean Water

    We've installed & dug water wells, helping to fight the major outbreak of water-borne diseases like gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, dysentery and others, which have taken 100's of lives.

  • We help children with special needs

    We have an institute providing free care for kids with special needs & disabilities, to help them develop physically and mentally.

  • Newly built Hospital

    Muzzam Ali Shaheed Welfare Hospital has been registerd by Panjab Health commission and is registerd with governments soholat card scheme its now one of the best in the region providing best health care to the poor and needy patients. Last year with your support we managed to provide a 100% free medical treatment to almost a hundred thousand plus walk-in patients.

  • Free Education

    Education has been top priority of the trust helping children from basic education to higher education the trust has sponsored students for PHD Engineering and other higher educations. the feeling is immense on the achivement of our children

  • Support for Orphans

    We help & support orphanage's assisting them with educational needs, health care, nutritious food, shelter and most importantly love and affection that they deserve.

  • Small business funding

    Small businesses is a 100% interest free loans, to create a career and living for them that have less income sources  for their families. the loan is paid back in very easy affordable payments. alhamdolllah we have many that are making a decent living and are out of the poverty circle.

  • We feed struggling Families

    Monthly financial and food packs are provided to the widows and orphans for every day living. During Ramadan we provide a family of 4 enough nutritional food to last them the entire month. We have provided food packages and health care to all our registerd family's (3000+) in Hospital.

  • Support for Widows

    Widowhood is a condition of extreme distress for women in Pakistan and similar countries, as very little help is provided by the government. We provide widows with support & financial help by means of monthly stipends. and help towards weddings and other financial difficulty's.

People we've helped

Heart melting & very sad but a true story.. Recently a mother came to Muazzam Hospital with her three children. All three children of hers are suffering from Cataract problem. The mother has to sell her house to afford the boys one eye surgery. She was in tears when she arrived at the hospital as she couldn't even pay her bus fair. The eye specialist at Muazzam hospital examined all three of her children.


After discussing with Management the Muazzam Hospital decided In sha Allah to bear all the costs from the treatment to surgery and will provide complete free medical care to all her children. The cost which has been estimated for all this procedure is from 80,000 to 90,000 PKR excluding further long term expenditures.

The Muazzam Hospital requests all the people around the world to come forward and give us their Zakats and Donations so we can fulfill our promises and hopes which we are giving to these helpless people. Every day Hospital Management is experiencing and facing similar situations and stories like these.

  • Dil Khursheed

    Benefit: 60% Free Treatment
    Medical Diagnosis: Type 2 Diabetes
    Treatment: Long Term Medication
    Testimonial: "Without the medical support and diagnosis, the effects may have grown"

  • Mohammed Qasim

    Benefit: 100% Free Treatment
    Medical Diagnosis: Fractured Ankle
    Treatment: Reduction & Cast
    Testimonial: "I'm so thankful for all the staff at Muazzam Hospital"

  • Bhusra Bibi

    Benefit: Widow
    Medical Diagnosis: Interstitial Cystitis
    Treatment: Bladder Operation
    Testimonial: "I thank Allah that he has given me this opportunity to get free treatment"