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Muazzam Ali Shaheed Trust UK is a unique trust that doesn’t just help the poor in Pakistan by providing food, we ensure people are cared for in all aspects of life such as employment qualifications/skills, shelter, free medical treatment and advice, education and financial help.

We have many on-going projects such as the newly opened welfare hospital, the Al Kasim institute which helps children with special needs and many other projects such as helping the poor gain the skills and qualifications needed for employment and providing clean water and sanitation to prevent life threatening illnesses.

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Our Hospital

The Muazzam Ali Shaheed Welfare Trust hospital is our biggest achievement yet which opened on the 23rd of March 2014. Our aim is to offer general healthcare & medicine to the deprived and destitute people of Jhelum. Our 60 bed hospital is 100% free to the poor and deprived people of Jhelum.

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How we help

  • Precious Gift of Clean Water

    We've installed & dug water wells, helping to fight the major outbreak of water-borne diseases like gastroenteritis, typhoid, cholera, dysentery and others, which have taken 100's of lives.

  • We help children with special needs

    We have an institute providing free care for kids with special needs & disabilities, to help them develop physically and mentally.

  • Newly built Hospital

    Muzzam Ali Shaheed Welfare Hospital has been registerd by Panjab Health commission and is registerd with governments soholat card scheme its now one of the best in the region providing best health care to the poor and needy patients. Last year with your support we managed to provide a 100% free medical treatment to almost a hundred thousand plus walk-in patients.

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We've come a long way....

2006 - 2008
Construction began

In 2006 we started the groundworks and construction for our new Hospital. Due to limited funds it was a huge task and challenge to overcome, but the sheer need and aim to help the poor and needy kept us going. By 2010 we were approximately half way through this great project.

2008 - 2014
Vision becoming a reality

It has been an uphill struggle and extremely difficult reaching this point in our project, but finally the building has started to take shape and we can start to think about our interior design and purchasing of medical equipment.

2014 - 2016
Serving it’s purpose

With thanks to Allah the Almighty and kind donors, in 2014 we finally reached our goal and officially opened the Hospital to the public in March 2014. In the past two years we have accomplished what we set out to do and have helped thousands of families with free medical treatment and healthcare.

Without you, none of this would be possible!

Everything we do to help people across the globe is all thanks to our donators, help us continue to improve lives on a daily basis.